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I blog sono il modo più modo semplice per tenere regolarmente aggiornati gli atri utenti di ALT.COM Find Kinky People is a completely BDSM. Si tratta di un modo fantastico per conoscere nuovi amici o raccontare le esperienze di chi si è conosciuto su ALT.COM Find Kinky People is a completely BDSM! Puoi leggere i blog degli altri utenti o start your own! crea il tuo!

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I remember you baby Like a sweet summer song Said you'd love me forever Nothing ever go wrong Time's 1 20 Marzo 9:54 pm
When the wind blows in Through my window Secretly I wish It were you Softly sweeping my face In the 29 20 Marzo 9:42 pm
Shotgun Sally's gonna shoot 'em up in my town S.O.S. she's makin' my life a mess Oh, yeah West side, 46 20 Marzo 9:33 pm
Ooh! It's not whatchya call it is It's how it makes you feel Mon-mon-mon-mon-monkey Ah Ahh-ow! Lay 58 20 Marzo 9:26 pm
Just a habit on her knees at night ...screams and she treats you right Heart so warm and oh so cold 87 20 Marzo 9:13 pm
So many miles away Thought of you fill my every day I spent the empty hours Hearing the last words y 103 20 Marzo 9:07 pm
You light a fire in the rain And I feel it burnin' You swore you'd never hurt again I remember Under 115 20 Marzo 9:00 pm
I, yeah, I'm leaving today, sorry is not enough Like so many things we were lost forever I can't tur 107 20 Marzo 8:53 pm
He was a desperate man They couldn't understand He wanted more from life It was his one device Yeah 102 20 Marzo 8:48 pm
I'm the one that loves you I'm the one that cared Night comes and I think of you alone We've changed 103 20 Marzo 8:41 pm
Il mio blog
da  Shiny_Slut   25F ( Donna)
Would you fuck my ass if.. 10 20 Marzo 8:35 pm
Take me back, to a time I remeber well It's a fact, when your near You know we could stop the world 95 20 Marzo 8:30 pm
Searching for answers I found one Looking for roses But the season is gone I see the eyes of a stra 96 20 Marzo 8:23 pm
I could've told you All these tears, what good to they do All these years my life's been living It's 95 20 Marzo 8:16 pm
Superior Women
da  MistressKimm   49F ( Donna)
yeah yeah 304 20 Marzo 8:03 pm
What’s your favorite fucking accessory? 43 20 Marzo 7:03 pm
da  IAmMichaelURKnot   56M (Uomo)
sneak peek: production still from "little vampikitten: slut stripper for Satan" 973 20 Marzo 5:45 pm
The Insidious Plot By Joey Tomatoes To Break Up __VELVET_VIOLENT_FEMME__ and Tony Bananas 400 20 Marzo 5:27 pm
Il mio blog
da  anaughtykitten   36F ( Donna)
Playtime 35 20 Marzo 5:26 pm
Vampire Apocalypse Day 79, Vlad's Rancid Music Day 4 -Nosferatu, Vampire's Waltz, Curse, DJ Renfield 507 20 Marzo 4:30 pm

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da  IAmMichaelURKnot   56M (Uomo)
caption me 4799 20/3
Lollypops & Unicorns
da  sub_nouveau   48F ( Donna)
What would you do.... 3960 20/3
Princess Diaries III
da  tinkerfun   43F ( Donna)
The Words that Doomed Us 4261 18/3
Trees in Forests
da  pandia__   44F ( Donna)
Stop by and sit a spell. 3227 18/3
Too much for funeral two 2227 9/3
The Bargee is feeling Uncle Dick 10504 19/3
Xcite_id ......
da  sophis_id   54F ( Donna)
You are so beautiful 13205 20/3
Asking For A Friend 2912 24/2
Rebellious slut
da  rebel_luey   50F ( Donna)
Nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo 6874 6/3
Il mio blog
da  rosaenaluin   59F ( Donna)
So....? 301 19/3
Dreaming 22148 1/3
cock shots.... 5550 20/3
Easy peasy lemon squeezy
da  heartofmush    49F ( Donna)
Weird 11957 18/3
In which one lays a ghost with a spanking 4606 24/2
Il mio blog
da  Lotusflower1    51F ( Donna)
Classic example on Alt..... 4654 27/2
da  eliza1234   43F ( Donna)
#1 Lust 6401 16/3
Fit and Happy at Sixty
da  Miss_Sixty    59F ( Donna)
Fluffy Ann Would Never Fit ... 145 19/3
The Deep End...
da  tsarah   58F ( Donna)
new chat room 11123 5/3
da  MissLadywood   45F ( Donna)
Fabulous idea ? 21220 16/3
My Journey to Submission
da  MineSirsSub   45M (Uomo)/42F ( Donna)
Packing 8500 8/3

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