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Blogs zijn een makkelijke manier om uw eigen, regelmatig aan te passen homepagina over uw leven te creëren op ALT.COM Find Kinky People is a completely BDSM. Ze zijn een geweldige manier om meer te weten te komen over andere leden en anderen meer te vertellen over uzelf en uw ervaringen met mensen die u via ALT.COM Find Kinky People is a completely BDSM heeft leren kennen! U kunt publicaties van anderen lezen of begin uw eigen blog - het is heel eenvoudig!

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Blog / Auteur
Birthday Celebration 23 22 januari 1:01 am
Mijn Blog
door  Daisysub77   40V
Alone 40 22 januari 12:37 am
Are you ready boy? here I come, catch me I'm falling 71 21 januari 9:10 pm
Late at night when I'm all alone I think of you and I'm feelin' strong Wishin' you would look my way 67 21 januari 9:03 pm
I see you, contemplating, your confused So I'm waiting, so why don't you Make your move on me 67 21 januari 8:54 pm
There's something scary about the look that's in your eyes There's hidden anger in your face 71 21 januari 8:41 pm
I always thought I was doing fine Spreading myself around another good time ... 71 21 januari 8:34 pm
Baby, there's something I think you should know I don't think I'll be needing you anymore ... 73 21 januari 8:27 pm
Because your bad of the heart How could you be so cruel You treat me like a fool ... 74 21 januari 8:17 pm
I want to be I want to play with you tonight Hold me, that's all that's on my mind 14 21 januari 8:09 pm
Idiom of the month for January 2018 63 21 januari 8:00 pm
Common love, seems just like a dream It's no mystery to me Fill me within when we're together 12 21 januari 8:00 pm
You say that you really love me I'm always on your mind And you say I should be your lover 14 21 januari 7:52 pm
It's been so long since we've been friends in need And how the love we share in our hearts 11 21 januari 7:45 pm
Of Pears and Ginger 58 21 januari 7:45 pm
When we met It all happened so fast You said you love me And that it will last 10 21 januari 7:36 pm
door  sadie_123abc   52V
Anybody up for some "Who's Online" poker? 100 21 januari 6:05 pm
The Deep End...
door  tsarah   58V
Insert tab A into slot B 122 21 januari 5:41 pm
This is Radio Freedom KLf! Aha aha aha aha KLf! Aha aha KLf is gonna rock ya 19 21 januari 5:22 pm
I'm back again on a higher stage Listen to my party beat and get in rage 16 21 januari 5:12 pm

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Blog / Auteur
Be Porn 2168 11/1
do you trust them ? 582 18/1
Mijn Blog
door  cuteinva72   45V
Are there any real people on this site? 515 18/1
Word of the month for January 2018 470 21/1
Date your Own Species 654 21/1
Merry Christmas 4461 6/1
Commando 370 22/1
Intervention Needed??? 935 22/1
Well, that brings it into perspective... 514 19/1
Mijn Blog
door  EmmaSapphire    29V
Boobs.. Prefer Natural or Fake? 338 17/1
Everybody had a wet dream. 477 14/1
How to stay Karma! 732 20/1
The last Sunday 2131 6/1
Herds of submissives 1358 12/1
The Deep End...
door  tsarah   58V
getting some things done 1058 21/1
door  MissLadywood   45V
I Did it My Way 2483 5/1
This is what I crave 5289 21/1
Kat say's...
door  Maxkat12   46V
So ya think 1823 5/1
Mijn Blog
door  Jackiehere   33V
open wide 607 14/1
Fucked Myself Up 559 15/1

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