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Welcome to ALT.COM Find Kinky People is a completely BDSM, where you’ll find advice, information, and erotic or BDSM material submitted by other ALT.COM Find Kinky People is a completely BDSM members. Interact with polls, or add your own voice to this unique alternative community ‒ it's your magazine.

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Is cbt, leashing, dangerous

by keithbyrd 4/8/2019
Attached but looking, am I frowned upon?

by obedicer 4/5/2019
Member activity on the main page

by LuvPinkTaco 4/3/2019
ED meds

by SinPerdition 4/2/2019
Testicle Torture: yea or nay?

by looking4fat 3/31/2019
Is there anybody out there?

by shute1 3/30/2019
BDSM Contracts, yes or no?

by obedicer 3/27/2019
nipple piercing

by BuilderSir 3/24/2019
Dom how to become one

by plztongueme 3/24/2019
Question for bimale

by stefancassie69 3/23/2019
Fakes and Scammers

by Truckee911000 3/23/2019
tongue piercing

by BuilderSir 3/20/2019

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