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Membre depuis: 19 Juin 2017

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Sexe:   Femme
Date de naissance:   17 Juin 1983
(34 ans)
Compatibilité astrologique
Habitant:   Griffin, Georgie, États-Unis
Envisage de déménager ?:   Peut-être/Oui
Taille:   6 pi. 1 po. / 185-187 cm
Corpulence:   Bien en chair
Tabac:   Je fume peu/quand je sors
Alcool:   Je bois un peu/quand je sors
Drogues:   Je ne me drogue jamais
Éducation:   Ayant été étudiant
Origine:   Européen/Américain
Orientation sexuelle:   Hétéro
Parle:   Anglais, n/a
Couleur des cheveux:   Blond
Longueur des cheveux :   Long
Couleur des yeux :   Noisette
Lunettes ou lentilles de contact :   L'un ou l'autre

Mode de vie
Je pense à la vie alternative (ALT.com):   Non applicable
Rôle:   Soumis(e)
Niveau d'expérience:   Toute la vie d
Tenue vestimentaire:   Décontracté
Type d'activité sociale :   Non applicable
La prévention, le "safe sex":   Parfois
Attitude:   Normal

Taille de la poitrine: 36 / 80 D
A des enfants ?: Non
Veut des enfants ? : Peut-être
Profession: n/a
Religion: Non applicable


34 ans Femme dans/en Griffin, Georgie, États-Unis Recherchant: Hommes

Profil de gapeach4you
Ok so since alot of you Doms want to know about why I have been without for 5 years here is my story. If you really care then you know what to do.

I have been in this lifestyle since the day I turned 16. I started as a Slave but was never a true slave. Was trained in the 2 years I was a slave to be a Submissive. I got into this lifestyle by choice and yes my mothers approval. She did step aside and allow me to move in with my Master. When I turned 18 the man who I was Slaved too no longer looked at me as a slave. I was from then on his Sub. He would have me train other Subs for his friends but I was his only Sub. When I was 25 one of his friends tried to force me into something I did not want to do and my Master found out. Him and this friend got into it and my Master was killed. I then walked away and moved in with a friend for about a year When I was 26 I met my last Dom. Now this one was nothing like the first. I had more rules then I was used too (though I did follow all but 1). Things were ok at first till we got custody of his 5 month old son. I had to get a 2nd full time job on top of the one I already had and school. I was always tired and rules started being broken. I mean really school full time 2 full time jobs a 5 month old and housework tends to take its toll on even the best of people. Anyways I started getting punished. First it was we moved to get away from my family because he said they were a bad influence on me. Then he took my car and sold it and then my laptop got sold. All cause I was too tired to follow rules. I got kicked out of school and lost my jobs and then my license cause of him. What finally ended it all was when he put me in a coma because I broke his biggest rule. I got pregnant with his twins That was not allowed. I then walked away. It has taken me 5 years to even attempt to try again. To even think about trusting another man.
Now if you can handle all this then yes message me. But realize I am not your average Sub. I have been through alot of abuse and will never again allow my body to be used like that again. [if254 1]

Ma personne idéale :
You challenge my mind like no other man has
My thoughts are racing like a speeding car ready to run out of gas.
You frighten me in so many ways
My mind craves your attention and my body wants you for days.
A song says “I want to keep it like it is, so you can’t say how it used to be.”
I close my eyes so that you can’t see all the pleasure I feel when you’re deep in me.
I want to strive to make it better then it is, so you’d never be able to compare us to the past,
Rest assure my Dom you are the first and will be the last.
People seem to think that some things are too good to be true
My Dom I’ve found an extraordinary thing in you.
So the next time you put your lips on mine,
Just think to yourself that this sub is all mine!

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