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Usuario desde: 19 Junio 2017

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Sexo:   Mujer
Fecha de Nacimiento:   17 Junio 1983
(35 edad)
Compatibilidad Astrológica
Vives en:   Monroe, Carolina del Norte, Estados Unidos
Reubicarse:   Tal vez/Sí
Altura:   6 pies 1 pulg / 185-187 cm
Tipo de Cuerpo:   Con unas carnes de más
Hábitos de fumar:   Fumo un poco
Hábitos de bebida:   Soy bebedor casual/social
Drogas:   No consumo drogas
Educación:   Un poco de universidad
Grupo étnico:   Caucásico
Orientación Sexual:   Heterosexual
Habla:   Inglés, n/a
Color de pelo:   Rubio
Tamaño del pelo :   Largo
Color de los ojos :   Pardos
Lentes o lentes de contacto :   Ninguno de ellos

Estilo de vida
Pienso acerca del estilo de vida ALT:   No corresponde
Rol:   Sumiso
Duración de experiencia:   Toda la vida adulta
Tipo de ropa:   Casual
Orientación social :   No corresponde
Sexo seguro:   A veces
Comportamiento:   Normal

Tamaño del seno: 36/80 D
Tienes niños: No
Quiere niños : Quizás
Ocupación: n/a
Religión: No corresponde


35 años Mujer en Monroe, Carolina del Norte, Estados Unidos Buscando a: Hombres

Perfil de gapeach4you
Ok so since alot of you Doms want to know about why I have been without for 5 years here is my story. If you really care then you know what to do.

I have been in this lifestyle since the day I turned 16. I started as a Slave but was never a true slave. Was trained in the 2 years I was a slave to be a Submissive. I got into this lifestyle by choice and yes my mothers approval. She did step aside and allow me to move in with my Master. When I turned 18 the man who I was Slaved too no longer looked at me as a slave. I was from then on his Sub. He would have me train other Subs for his friends but I was his only Sub. When I was 25 one of his friends tried to force me into something I did not want to do and my Master found out. Him and this friend got into it and my Master was killed. I then walked away and moved in with a friend for about a year When I was 26 I met my last Dom. Now this one was nothing like the first. I had more rules then I was used too (though I did follow all but 1). Things were ok at first till we got custody of his 5 month old son. I had to get a 2nd full time job on top of the one I already had and school. I was always tired and rules started being broken. I mean really school full time 2 full time jobs a 5 month old and housework tends to take its toll on even the best of people. Anyways I started getting punished. First it was we moved to get away from my family because he said they were a bad influence on me. Then he took my car and sold it and then my laptop got sold. All cause I was too tired to follow rules. I got kicked out of school and lost my jobs and then my license cause of him. What finally ended it all was when he put me in a coma because I broke his biggest rule. I got pregnant with his twins That was not allowed. I then walked away. It has taken me 5 years to even attempt to try again. To even think about trusting another man.
Now if you can handle all this then yes message me. But realize I am not your average Sub. I have been through alot of abuse and will never again allow my body to be used like that again. [if254 1]

Mi persona ideal:
As I sit here and wait,
I wonder and ponder our fate,
My words whispered in your delicate ear,
Temp your soul beyond your fear,
The love I seek can only be found,
With your name uttered with yet a simple sound,
My heart belongs to you as it has always
I reach my hand out and wait for you to come,
The day you heart beats with mine,
Our love will truely be entwined,

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